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What you can do...

Fast Retrieval

Formulate your ideas in your own words and get instant search results out of your text documents.

Better Recall

Search coverage for statements in your documents based on their semantic meaning, rather than on mere keywords.

Automatic Extraction

Extract structured information from text documents, for instance, PDFs, by preserving the full structure.

Our technology

Our technology encodes sentences into numeric vectors. These vectors capture the semantic meaning of the sentences. We can then compare the meaning of sentences by comparing their numeric vectors.

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Why it's good...

AI Powered

We use state-of-the-art machine learning models for semantic search, question answering, named entity recognition, and sentiment analysis.

Compositional Distributional Analysis

We use a novel approach for semantic text analysis that captures the meaning of text passages in a high-dimensional vector space.


Our models can easily adapt to specific domains and learn the corresponding jargon, thanks to an unsupervised training method.

Quantum Ready

Our semantic analysis algorithm has quantum-mechanic structures and is thus ready to be implemented on future quantum computing systems.

The team

Marco Fernandez

Co-Founder & CEO

Graduated in mathematics and foundations of computer science from Oxford, Marco has written his MSc thesis on quantum linguistics. He is passionate about the interplay of language, linguistics, and AI.

Lauren Ledwell

Co-Founder & CFO

MBA from Rotman School of Management, Director of Innovation & New Ventures at RBC. Lauren has extensive experience in digitalisation and developing new products and brands.

Daniel Weibel


Computer scientist and software engineer from Switzerland. Daniel's passion is to build software systems that not only just work, but are well-designed, efficient, reliable, and extensible.

José Valdez

Business Development

José is an MBA candidate at Rotman School of Management from Peru. He is passionate about the intersection of innovation and human-centred design, and skilled in solving complex problems creatively.

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